Leave No Trace on the margins
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Katelyn Beard

I liked that this film offered a different perspective on growing up with hardships. I wonder what the moral or intention of the director was in this film? The bookend use of the song 'celebrate' makes me think differently about the story. If you focus on the little girl, she does seem happy before DHS shows up and maybe the song choice is to emphasize 'celebrating' her having a mother who loves her the best she can?

Sadee McClendon

I wasn’t the biggest fan of this film because at first I was just annoyed by the bad behaved kids but then I was more concerned about their safety. The fact that these really young kids were never supervised and were able to go so far from home gave me so much anxiety. I was constantly thinking about all the bad things that could have happened to these kids, like being kidnapped or hit by a car. I also wasn’t a big fan of the open-ended ending because I really wanted to know what was going to happen to Moonee. I felt like the film ended right when the story was really beginning.

Precious Taufetee

This was a really interesting film. I liked how it kind of gave us a little insight on what it's like for some poor single mothers and raising their kids. But I was just so scared for the kids throughout the movie I felt like they were going to get kidnapped. I though the open ending was really sad because I know Monique was not going to have a happy ending just like that. And that is was great example of the hard truth for kids who get put into the system.

Austin W Woodall

This was a strange film. The switch from the children's views to the view of these adults really felt different from anything I had seen before. I really did enjoy it, the acting was great. I really enjoyed Willem Dafoe's character and I thought the children actors did a nice job.

Rylan Blair

I thought the film was rather interesting and did a good job using actors most people were unfamiliar with creating a sense of realism in the film. The only actor familiar to me was William Defoe who played Bobby and its interesting to me how he was the one really trying to keep everyone together in the film and provide them a home. This added to the character of Bobby being a provider.

Tyler Durbin

I thought the film was interesting in my analysis . I thought the use of the characters was good and felt real. Probably, not a watch it again film for me. I felt like is was slow it times. I did enjoy the character William Defoe played.

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